Fantasy Painting

Fantasy Painting

"Children of the Sky" one of our favorite paintings.  This painting was undertaken after Fred had worked on a construction crew for IBM refurbishing offices for a number of years. 

The children in the sky are us, Cupid Fred and Laurel Venus goddess of love, the masses below are the IBM'ers marching forever in institutionalized purgatory. A poem by Virgil proclaiming "love conquers all" sums up this magnificent painting.

An interesting anecdote accompanies this painting.  Fred had entered the painting in juried shows at the Woodstock Artists Association seven times over a period of three years.  The last entry was for a show titled "Realism and Surrealism". It was consistently rejected. 

After the last rejection Fred brought it home determined and resolute proclaiming "I will get a piece of this painting into the next juried show."

During the painting process brushes were cleaned on scraps of paper. A collection was still on hand and they were glued into a frame. The next juried show at the Woodstock Artists Association accepted the brush cleanings as "Real Art". And Fred came out of the box a "Real Artist". 

Detail Fantasy Acrylic Painting

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