Artisan Rings

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The "Figure in Clay" was one of our favorite art courses we offered at the collage. Fred always worked along with the students sharpening his skill as a craftsman and through experience reached the expressive level of figurative artist enabling the creation of art nouveau and mermaid style rings.

These artisan rings were carved in wax and are Lost Wax cast in sterling silver. They are designed with comfort in mind.  Each ring is substantially cast containing a quantity of silver requiring several sprue in the casting process. Hand finishing assured the finest details. The natural gemstones are not calibrated but one of a kind hand cut for maximum brilliance thus essentially assuring that these artistic rings have unique variations. They are not a mass production item and in this manner confirming a diverse yet limited edition sculpture.

We can take custom orders in gold or silver and are able to reproduce the general spirit of each ring however the stone of choice will alter the product.

Queries are welcome.

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