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Handmade Silver Jewelry

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pf12 Gold Silver Sapphire Amethyst Gemstone Pendant


Unique artisan handmade silver jewelry incorporating three yellow sapphires and one Amethyst set into a 14K gold bezel.  

This pendant was handmade from bars of sterling silver, hammered, soldered, drilled and forged into a unique jewelry sculpture. Three yellow Sapphires were Flush Set, a laborious exacting task while an amethyst was set into a gold bezel at its base.  

Height - 2.46"
Width - 0.89"
Depth - 0.24"
Weight - 22.4 grams
Sapphires - 0.23" (5.77 mm) X 0.19" (4.83 mm)
Amethyst - 0.28" (7.13 mm) X 0,17" (4.33 mm)

Laurel Lee, Art Designs, PO Box 628 Catskill NY 12414, Tel: 845 246 0282, Email: